Thursday, April 9, 2009

Copic Class- what I learned!

Good morning! I had a great time at the Copic class and learned a number of things I didn't know before!

Here's what I learned:

1. Color in circles, not straight lines.

2. The color should saturate the paper so when you turn it over, it looks like it bled through. Use a few sheets of scrap paper under to protect your surface.

3. The main purpose of the Copics is for creating shading and light and dark spaces. You can use two or three colrs in the same family to create shadows and shading.

4. The blender is NOT a blender. It actually acts like a bleach, taking out color instead of blending together two colors.

5. The best ink to use to stamp your image in Memento ink. Not only was this the one recommended in the class but also on SCS. You should also use a very "tight" paper. PTI is the one recommended on SCS. I tried to use my CTMH ink but - well- you'll see. Do NOT use Staz-On or Archival ink, they will bleed and run.

I'm sure there was more but then I had fun practicing my shading with this cute little mouse. We made this project last night. It's actually a 4X4 small box, perfect for putting in gift cards for teachers- hmmm- a class maybe????

I think he came out pretty cute. We used the warm grays to color and shade and actually used pink for the ears and feet and then colored over the pink with the lightest gray to achieve that soft look.

So, then I came home and thought I would try it out with some flowers. However, I didn't realize that there really IS a difference in the inks and this is what happened with CTMH black ink-

The pink one came out OK but the blue one ran and the orange started to run when I played with it too long. So you know where I'm going today right? To buy the Memento ink and play some more!!

Thanks for looking everyone- as of this post I am up to 999 views!!! Hopefully I'll make 1,000 today!!



  1. Thanks for the wonderful info Jean! I learned pretty darn quick not to use our black ink! Our paper does work though but I can see how a 'tighter' paper would be nicer. That mouse is SO cute.

  2. I opted for Prisma pencils instead of Copics but shading is my issue - perhaps I could learn form this! FYI - I had the same ink issue with the minieral spirits used to blend the Prisma's, and Memento was the clear fav. Someone mentioned Ancient Page ink, which I knew they sold at AC Moore - tried it and it works GREAT. No bleeding at all. Stamp and wait a minute or 2, just like Memento. Since I can get AP locally I can also use a coupon, so it's cheap (and no shipping!)

  3. Thanks Denise- my LSS actually sells the Momento- I thought they were just trying to make a sale LOL!! Now I know better!

  4. Is it Scrapper's Playground? I know it isn't "that" far but unless I'm at work I never go there, and the parking stinks which doesn't help. :(

  5. Yes- it is Scrapper's Playground. I could alsways pick it up for you since I live about 3 minutes away from it!!

  6. I wanted to take their Ranger classes (I think Ellen did), but week nights just don't fit my schedule. :( Thanks for the offer!