Friday, April 3, 2009

Zindorf inspired Lily card

So, I love, love, love the cards that Michelle Zindorf makes using the brayer. If you check out my bloglist on the side, you'll see the link to her blog where you can view her amazing cards.
I decided that I needed to try this technique out (again- since I've tried it a few times and the results were pretty dismal! LOL!)
So- here is my first attempt:

AHHH! What happened to this? Well, I didn't realize that I had to Versamark the entire image and heat embooss, so some of the ink from the brayer seeped into the image itself. It just didn't go well!

Here is my second attempt:

So, I think the second one is better than the first but I still need to work on choosing the colors and blending them better. Any suggestions or comments would be more than welcome!
Check back tomorrow for the winner of our Card Contest!
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  1. I also tried this technique...I think my Brayer is broken LOL. I got better results with sponges. I also don't have a versamark pen so I am unable to heat emboss the whole image. I get lines all over my work with the brayer,,get frustated and give up LOL.
    You card is SO cute. you did a wayyy better job than me.

  2. This looks great Jean!! Would you consider a class (even a simple on) on it? I think my brayer is broken, too. It always looks like mud. :)

  3. Hey Jean! You can get a similar looik using cotton balls/alcohol and glossy paper...with either re-inking drops or the inside of the top of the ink pad. use the alcohol to wet the cotton/swipe on some color swipe on the card.

    Great Blog!!!!!