Saturday, May 23, 2009

Be Yourself Workshop Pics

Good morning all- hopefully everyone got to enjoy the wonderful weather yesterday! We were outside all day and Emily and David actually got into the pool for the first time! They had a great time and kept insisting they were not cold (even though their teeth were chattering!)

Thanks to Linda and Jenn for a fun Crop Night last night! It's always so great to sit and relax and scrap away!

I got a few of the pages for this workshop finished and Ireally love the way they came out! I used Silhouette Level 1 paper, some tulip and black cardstock and the Be Yourself Stamp set (May SOTM).


First two pages:

Next two pages:

Next two:

Notice I spelled "daughter" wrong and had to sneak in the "t"! Ooops!

Thanks everyone for peeking- hope you like the layouts!

Jean :)


  1. Looks great Jean! I especially love the little "oompf" the SOTM gives the pages!

  2. Thanks Denise- I couldn't have done it without you:)