Monday, May 18, 2009

Denise posting on Scrap and Share!

Hi all- just wanted to let you know that Denise has posted a few pictures on CTMH's Scrapbook and Share and is in the running to maybe win some great prizes!! The layouts are beautiful and quite unique so if you have a minute, check them out. You can just click on the link on the side and scroll down until you see her name. I think there are three in all! Beautiful work!

I am hoping to get back later with some pages for my Just Be Yourself workshop next Friday. I am super excited for this workshop and can't wait to share some pics of the layouts!

See you later- thanks for peeking!
BTW- congrats to Sarah for being nominated for three awards from her fellow bloggers- Sarah is always so kind and leaves a comment! Congrats- you can check out her blog by clicking on the link from my blog list!



  1. OMG, imagine my surprise to see my name when I checked in to see if you posted any pics from your latest event!! Thanks for mentioning the entries jean! There are 3 in a row, then a 4th is 2 further down (Montauk, Hockey, Wedding, then someone else, then the Metherlands.) They're WAY down the page by now!

    Where are your entries Woman??

    Congrats to Sarah!

  2. Don't you just love typos...I meant "Netherlands."

  3. Hi Denise- I was wondering what the "Metherlands" were?

  4. You would never guess I got a 99 in HS typing, would you?? :)

  5. Have you checked out the entries the last few days? I have seen a BUNCH of people literally photograph entire albums and submit them! I know you could enter as many times as you had entries that met the rules...but holy cow! I saw a LOT of layouts straight out of Cherish & Imagine, too!