Monday, June 8, 2009

Proud Mommy! Blog Fun!

So I just had to share some pictures of my daughter Emily's dance recital on Saturday. We had a great time and she was beaming from head to toe!

Blog Candy Contest!
I already know just which paper I'm going to use but just for fun- cast your vote for the paper that you think would go best and if it matches the one I've chosen, you could win a Level One Paper Pack of your choice!! This blog candy contest ends quickly on June 12th so get your guess in!

Here are the pics-

Thanks for looking!

Jean :)


  1. Cute pictures and I'm gonna take a wild guess at the paper pack and say Blue Ribbon.

  2. Aweee I miss those days she looks great!!!!!
    Linda :)

  3. I would totally use the Stardust paper pack with these pictures - after all, she is your little star!

  4. I forgot to guess I think its Emporium!!!

  5. I think it is Animal Cookies :D The pictures AND your daughter are adorable and I had another guess, but this just totally rocks.

  6. Tough call!! Thoise are some great guesses (and would have been mine as well!) So I'll go totally out there with color and say Bella. I ALMOST said Route 66, but changed whn I saw the patterns up close. :)
    ~ Denise

  7. I forgot to say how ADORABLE she looks!!