Thursday, July 23, 2009

Too many pictures? Here's a solution-

I am always taking tons of pictures of my kids whenever we go anywhere! Then, I have problems choosing which ones to scrap. So- luckily, CTMH has a new product called Flip-Flaps. These are 4X6 mini clear page protectors that attach right to your layout so you can add more pictures to the layout. Woohoo!

Here is my example:
Sorry for the glare! So where are the pictures? Take a look-
Here are some more-

I was able to fit an extra 6 pictures onto the layout!

This is also going to be a workshop not only using the Flip-Flaps but also using a 9X9 page protector!

A funny story for everyone- yesterday I tool the kids over to see the lighthouse near us by Robert Moses Beach. After we walked the path to the lighthouse, we had some snacks and then decided to walk back. We wanted to walk along the beach so we set out splashing in the waves and enjoying geting our feet (and other parts) wet. However, as we were walking along, my older son David said to me, "Mom, that man has no clothes on!" I think to myself, that's crazy, he must have a thong or speedo or something. Well- he didn't! That's right, he was naked- along with all the other beachgoers at the beach! Apparently, we stumbled onto the nude beach! I had no idea there was even a nude beach anywhere near us! Needless to say, there were many snickers, giggles and tons of questions. All in all, my kids handled the situation well and we just tried to continue enjoying the beautiful day! We had lots to tell Daddy when we got home! LOL!

I hope everyone has a great night- Thanks so much for peeking!



  1. LOL, what a ride hiome that must have been!! Great idea with the flaps! I know some people cut their page protectos but I could never - this makes it easy! See you tomorrow!
    ~ Denise

  2. Um- see you Saturday! And yes- it was an interesting ride home!