Monday, June 8, 2009

Denise is finalist!!!

Hi everyone- some great news today- one of my very talented customers named Denise is one of the finalists in the Scrapbook and Share contest by CTMH. If you would like to see her layout (and post a comment thereby giving her a vote) simply click on the link below!! She is Finalist #1 in the Use of Photographs category (the first category!)

Thanks to everyone who takes a peek and wonderful job Denise!!

Have a great day!
Jean :)


  1. Can you believe it???? I scared my students to DEATH this morning since I saw it at school and let out a HUGE "oh my God!" Luckily I chose those words instead of others!!

  2. Thanks to anyone who left an original comment, and thanks in advance to those that leave one this time, whether or not I win! :)

  3. Yeah for you Denise- You deserve it!!